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Almond Oil - Organic

Name: Extra Virgin Almond Oil [22% Omega 6, rich in vitamin E, D, beta carotene]

Provenance/origin: France, Dauphinee

Acidity: less than 1%

Composition: Extra Virgin Almond Oil. Cold pressed Almond kernel from France. The fresh almond kernels are carefully roasted.

Taste/colour: Elegant nutty aroma. A lingering finish with roasted notes. A light golden colour.

Uses: Salad dressings, seasoning, flavouring. Can be mixed with the White Wine Vinegar, and Strawberry Balsam vinegar.

Beneficial properties: Luxury bath oil, good for baby skin, chapped lips, psoriasis, burns.

Recommended for? People who like nutty flavours and want to try something new.

Hazelnut Oil

Name: Extra Virgin Hazelnut Oil [90% Omega 6, 10%  Omega 9]

Provenance/origin: France, Dauphinee

Acidity: less than 1%


Composition: Extra Virgin Hazelnut Oil. Cold pressed Hazelnut kernel.


Taste/colour: Intensive aroma, but with a delicate nutty smell.  An amber colour.


Uses: Salad dressing, seasoning, flavouring. Excellent to marinate fish or salad dressing  mix  with the raspberry balsam vinegar.


Beneficial properties: Skin moisturiser, massage oil, good for the cardiovascular system. 


Recommended for?  People who like nutty flavours and are looking for something different.

Pistachio Oil

Name: Pistachio Oil [Rich in vitamin E, 28% Omega 6, 59% Omega 9]

Provenance/origin: France

Composition: Pistachio seeds


Taste/colour: Aromatic. Dark green colour.


Uses: This oil is suitable as a seasoning spice and complements salads and light dishes. It’s mostly used in desserts.

Beneficial properties: This oil is mostly comparable with almond oil as it has an excellent moisturizing effect. In traditional remedies it is used to help treat abscesses, bruises, wounds, and cirrhosis of the liver.


Recommended for? People who are looking for a very aromatic oil.

Walnut Oil

Name: Extra Virgin Walnut Oil [50% Omega 6, 50% Omega 9]


Provenance/origin: France, Dauphinee


Acidity: Less than 1%


Composition: Extra Virgin Walnut  Oil 


Taste: Intense aroma and a strong character.  A deep amber colour.


Uses: Salad dressings, seasoning. An easy "Antipasti” -  sliced bread with goat cheese, toasted, and add some walnut oil.  A perfect match with the Cassis Balsam and raspberry balsam vinegar
Beneficial Properties: A positive effect on the liver, gall bladder, lungs and metabolism. It is known as a dry oil, suitable for applying to greasy skin, or combination skin with greasy tendencies. It is absorbed well into the skin and is used in cosmetics, such as lip salve. Good for lactation and for cardiovascular system.


Recommended for? People who like nutty flavours