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Grappa Moscato Riserva

Grappa Moscato Riserva

Maturing in oaken casks this delightful grappa is made just from the pomace of Moscato grapes. A sweet and lively smell with mild nuances of peaches as well as a long finish characterize this grappa.

Alcohol content: 42 % Vol.

Grappa Prosecco

Grappa - Prosecco

The vine Glera must be a talented bundle of energy - otherwise, how could a world famous known Vino Frizzante as well as our desired noticeable harmonious grappa from the Prosecco region be produced? Our master of distillation is right to be proud of this especial inspired quality, the pleasant intense taste and the delicate fruit nuances.

Alcohol content: 40 % Vol.

Grappa Gewürztraminer

Grappa Gewürztraminer

Grappa from Tramin, South Tyrol

Exclusive for IL GUSTO - two multiple honored distillations produce our real special, spicy-aromatic grappa. Emphasized scent of roses with a soft and rounded leaving is produced from the sunny well-rounded and pressed grapes.

Alcohol content: 40-42 % Vol.